Welcome to the Cortopassi Lab.

We are located in VetMed 3B at the UC Davis Veterinary School and are led by Dr. Cortopassi, a professor of Molecular Bioscences. ‚Äč

Jose Sandoval

Joy Jiang

Mitochondrial therapeutics for Neurodegenerative disease

Laboratory Topics

Mitochondrial pathophyisology in Liver Injury

Veronica Flores

Alexey Tomilov

Shc mechanism of neuro and hepatoprotection

Chase Garcia

Director: G.A. Cortopassi

Professor of Molecular Biosciences

Elena Dedkova

Mitochondrial pathophysiology in Neurodegeneration

Cathie Lin

Sandipan Datta

Claire Montgomery

mTORC1 inhibition in age related disease 

Lab Members